The portfolio of solutions that are going to change the technological impact of your business


AGNITY Global Inc (AGNITY), is a global provider of intelligent Business Communication Apps and infrastructure for communications and HealthCare verticals.

Among its products are:

  • Service Broker
  • Flexycharge (OCS)
  • Defend Application Suite


TS-ROS is a business enabler, it is an integration platform that connects applications in a simple and unified way, ensuring the business flow.


Digital transformation enabler

We understand that digital transformation requires a comprehensive approach. Our products & services have been designed as means to enable digital transformation.

  • Unify, simplify & automate key business processes across platforms   
  • Standardize and homologate process & integrations, enabling faster changes and upgrades
  • Enable a modular architecture, eliminate bottlenecks, simplify governance
  • Increase accountability 
  • Enable key metrics that allow proactive measures
  • Bring the customer closer to your operations


Kovair has the technology and experience to implement solutions that allow your organization to implement the Agile methodology with high-end technology to develop your process and be able to work as efficiently and effectively as possible

Among Kovairs solutions are:

  • Omnibus
  • Devops
  • QuickSync
  • ALM Studio
  • Data Lake


Services over worldclass platforms



Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Micro DB Management

Digital Transformation

Microservices, Observability, Chatbots , IoT


Operation support systems solutions


Adequate business support systems

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