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AGNITY Global Inc (AGNITY), is a global provider of intelligent Business Communication Apps and infraestructure for communications and HealthCare verticals.

Among its products are:

  • Service Broker
  • Flexycharge (OCS)
  • Defend Application Suite


Telecom solutions providers with products, expert analysis, design, architecture, implementation and support for componentes of BSS and OSS

Among its solutions are:

  • TS – ROS   / Orquestation
  • TS – DASS / Community Manager
  • TS – PMi   / Provisioning


Kovair has the technology and experience to implement solutions that allow your organization to implement the Agile methodology with high-end technology to develop your process and be able to work as efficiently and effectively as possible

Among Kovairs solutions are:

  • Omnibus
  • Devops
  • QuickSync
  • ALM Studio
  • Data Lake


Establish escalable, profitable and efficient models that use technological innovation to make your company more competitive or to develop new lines of business.

Among its services are :

  • Web and mobile applications development
  • Digital strategy consulting.
  • Instrumentation and observability

    Data compression for on-premise and cloud environments, integration to Big Data solutions (Hadoop, Cassandra, Netezza) and data Analytics

    Among its solutions are:

    • DORA  – Data Compression
    • ALICE  – BD Analytics
    • BILL    – Rating/Billing
    Paradigm Fondo Blanco


    Our partners have the capacity, expertise, and technology to provide the following solutions


    Operation support systems solutions


    Software development factory


    Adequate business support systems

    New Technologies

    Microservices, Big Data & analytics


    SIEM, Security analitycs& Ethical Hacking


    Unified communications and service provision platforms


    Emulation, Data compression, control tower 7 x 24

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