Kovair Project and Portfolio Management

Is a holistic solution that provides a unified platform for managing budget, schedule, resources and actual data through a single interface ensuring that organizations have clear visibility into the strategic and operational demands on a daily basis and their strategic investments are aligned with corporate goals. Kovair PPM delivers greater value to the organization by connecting planning with execution. It enables IT leaders to optimize their project portfolios, manage resource capacity against the demands placed on them by different projects, and connect plans and resources to actual project execution.


  • Kovair PPM is built around powerful workflow engine for process automation which helps automate project and portfolio management processes.
  • Kovair’s highly configurable and intuitive interface allows stakeholders manage business data in an optimum manner and thus gain confidence in its reporting.
  • Regardless of software development methodology, Kovair PPM supports both Agile, Waterfall and Hybrid.
  • Kovair’s integrations with 3rd party vendor-agnostic tools allow managers to handle project data in a distributed work environment
  • Kovair’s Executive project dashboards help in quick analysis of business and IT alignment, budget vs cost, resource utilization, ROI and service delivery optimization techniques

Capacity Planning, Demand & Resource Management

Proper resource allocation is a key factor in the success of any organization, helping organizations to maximize the time and value of resources. Kovair PPM comes with a built-in resource forecasting capability based on project plans created by managers

Time – Tracking

Users can track their times at Kovair using the time sheet module. Once they capture their times, actual times can be viewed against planned hours and resource productivity as well as any delays can be viewed in real time.

Managing Project Ideas & Proposals

For each program in an organization, multiple project ideas emerge to build the project pipeline and meet the needs of the customers. Kovair’s PPM provides an intuitive and collaborative platform to capture and manage different ideas and the process to bring them to real projects. Once these ideas are captured, Kovair’s PPM allows organizations to take all submitted ideas through a task-based workflow for approval by the respective reviewers and collection of information. Approved Ideas can be assigned to specific Portfolios by evaluating and aligning their objectives with the Portfolio’s strategic initiatives. Once an idea is approved, proposals can be created in relation to the idea along with resource and budget requirements.

Value Proposition

Improved Portfolio performance

  • The integrated system of Kovair PPM enables managers to establish standard evaluation and selection criteria for projects. It helps you develop and optimize planning scenarios, communicate investment decisions to cross-functional team heads and monitor overall performance at project, program and portfolio level.

Financial transparency and strategic improvement

  • Kovair PPM provides a common interface for managing costs and revenues associated with enterprise portfolios. Program and portfolio managers can efficiently plan and control budget allocation and improve cash flow by deploying the right resources in the right project at the right time.

Detailed project planning for higher visibility

  • The top-down project management approach of Kovair PPM provides an open data model for analyzing business outcomes at each resource level – Portfolio manager to Work associates. This data can be analyzed in a business intelligence tool for strategic reporting.

Informed decisions and governance

  • Bring together all project stakeholders, data sources and processes in a single, integrated solution to get a unified view of project, program, and portfolio. Be fully prepared with contingency plans and get total control on the release quality and timeline.

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