Kovair ALM Studio is an integrated, collaborative and configurable platform that provides holistic capabilities for all phases of the Application Life cycle Management, including Project Management, Requirements Management, Development and Testing and Quality Assurance.

Driven by capabilities such as end-to end traceability and real-time reporting using data from all phases of the life cycle, Kovair ALM Studio provides a Single Source Truth for all users involved in each phase of the life cycle.

ALM Studio

A cost-effective comprenhensive solution for integrated ALM and PPM

The Most Cost-effective Way to manage Software Products, Projects, Programs, and Portfolio

  • Central repository providing cross-tool data-based traceability, reports, and dashboards.
  • 100% web-based with global accessibility anytime and anywhere.
  • Support for different methodologies like Waterfall, Scrum, and Kanban.
  • Configurable task-based workflow processes and policy engines for routing, reviews, and approvals.
  • Automated notifications at every actionable stage to eliminate manual handoffs.
  • Support for cross-project activities at portfolio level.
  • Configurable portfolio management support with different organizational hierarchies.
  • Multiple reporting options: Dashboards, Word, Excel and Crystal Reports, End-to-End Traceability and Real-Time
  • Reporting across projects and portfolio items for total control on the release quality and timeline.
  • Integrations with 80 commercial tools of ALM, PPM, ITSM, and PLM domains using Kovair Omnibus — an SOA-based proprietary Enterprise Service Bus.

Major Capabilities.

Integration Support

Kovair ALM Studio is supported with Kovair Omnibus — an SOA architected ESB platform with +100 commercial tool integrations.

End-to-End Traceability

Kovair ALM Studio allows users to view end-to-end traceability between artifacts. It provides graphical as well as textual representation of end-toend Traceability based on cross-tool data. Some distinct capabilities are:

  • Supports bidirectional cross tool end-to-end traceability.
  • Helps in doing both proactive and reactive impact analysis of a change.
  • Helps to track different coverage real-time to ensure quality.
  • Allows to define relationship between artifacts in your own way.
  • Supports defining attributes specific to relations.

Task Based Workflow

Enforce central governance cutting across different phases of project lifecycle through a task-based workflow.

  • Implement governance across all phases of project lifecycle through web-based configurability over a graphical editor.
  • Eliminate manual handoffs between teams in conjunction with tasks and notifications.
  • Implement conditional branching for parallel activities.
  • Implement Delay and Wait nodes for cross phase communication.
  • Monitor workflow progress through behind-the-scene graphical display.
  • Build a prototyping of the designed workflow before publishing.
  • Avail complete workflow edit capabilities during runtime if needed.

Web-based unified ALM solution

Project and Portfolio Management

Kovair ALM Studio has support for Project Portfolio Management where in organizations can manage multiple projects as well as manage multiple projects grouped under a user defined hierarchy at the portfolio level.

Requirements Management

Kovair Requirement Management is a feature-rich solution that can effectively collect, analyze, track and manage various types of requirements. It also supports features such as traceability,  baselining, and intelligent reporting through a process-based  methodology that enables project teams to collaborate on requirements at a faster speed.


  • Import existing requirements seamlessly from Word or Excel documents.
  • Use built-in document round-trip capability for implementing offline changes to requirements outside Kovair ALM Studio interface and seamlessly importing the changes back.
  • Facilitate exchange of data with customers and suppliers through Req-IF.
  • Assign separate review module for stakeholders to review and approve requirements collaboratively over a browser-based interface.
  • Facilitate automated versioning, branching, and merging of requirements.
  • Get complete details related to any change implemented.
  • Integrate with other phases of the project lifecycle for maintenance of risks, test cases, and other artifacts in conjunction with the requirements.
  • Generate formatted documents in Word or Pdf to comply with different industry standard reports.
  • Track progress of implementations made by generating Real-Time reports and dashboards.

Test Management

Kovair’s integrated test management solution helps speed up software testing. The increasing variety of applications available in the market, such as hybrid applications, cloud computing, mobile platforms and DevOps, has made testing increasingly difficult today. Organizations need comprehensive test management tools, along with support for ongoing testing that will help deliver quality in a short period of time.


  • Creation of Test Cases along with the capability of linking those with Requirements, Change Requests and other artifacts as required.
  • Find capabilities for test case reuse.
  • Organize test cases folder-wise as per organizational need.
  • Facilitate online test execution within the application or offline by exporting to MS Excel and importing it back into the application.
  • Facilitate different types of testing through bi-directional integration with different test tools.
  • Functional Testing Tools: HP QC, RQM, Jira TM, Jira-Zephyr, QA Complete, Test Link, Test Track, Tricentis Tosca.
  • Unit Testing Tools: JUnit, RTRT, XA Tester.
  • Load Testing Tools: JMeter
  • Test Automation Tools: QTP, RFT, MTM, Selenium.
  • Find capability for automatic defect creation on test execution failure.
  • Achieve end-to-end traceability from Requirements to individual test cases and defects.

Change and Configuration Management

Enable full auditability of your process configuration based on information such as the name of the reviewer, information on the changes made, and the date of implementation of the changes.

  • Track every modification done on artifacts and tasks.
  • Introduce rationality and accountability to the process of gathering and implementing the change requests that happen during project execution.
  • Enable significant reuse-by-reference with the help of capabilities like versioning, branching, merging and baselining of artifacts.
  • Extends the level of control and mitigate risk throughout the entire lifecycle through complete change management.
  • Achieve compliance with various industry standards like CMMI and ISO 26262.

Kovair Defect Management

Kovair helps automate defect escalation and resolution process across the development lifecycle, ensuring faster and quality release.


  • Test Specification for import / export of testing assets and artifacts from  documents and tools or a combination of both.
  • Built-In Task-Based Workflow Engine with visual drag-and-drop workflow designer to support workflows.
  • Adapters and Extractors for integrating with other external testing tools.
  • Configured Reports and dashboards for analysis of test results / status.
  • End-to-End traceability ensuring visibility of functional tests and other relational coverages.

Build and Release Management

Achieve Continuous Integration, Continuous Build, Continuous Testing, Continuous Delivery, and reduce Timeto-

  • Ensure consistency and integrity of releases through end-to-end traceability from Release to Delivery.
  • Get early feedback on defects with complete audit trails of builds and releases.
  • Facilitate major, minor, patch releases along with hotfix releases.
  • Find complete visibility of the continuous delivery pipeline to ensure proper build and delivery.
  • Receive real-time notification for any build failure and reduces the recovery time.

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